• 2017 “Big Walls Big Dreams” Wynwood District, MIA
  • 2017 “Meta Data” (Mural exhibit) Plaza De Armas, SA
  • 2016 Amexican@ Young Latino Artist 21, Curator, MexiArte Museum, ATX
  • 2015 Blue Star/ Red Dot Featured artist, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, SA
  • 2015 Kirk Hopper Gallery, (group show) Dallas 
  • 2015 Houston Urban Experience Mural Festival (Featured Artist) HOU
  • 2015 “Hope” Child Advocates San Antonio Gala, SA 
  • 2014 “Luminaria Mural, SA City of SA District 1, SA
  • 2014 “Arts & Entertainment featured Artist” Latino Leaders Magazine
  • 2014 “El Corazon De San Antonio” A&M Education and Cultural Center, SA”
  • 2014 “21 Helmets” Formula 1, Redbull North America, Austin
  • 2013 “Cold Waves” Group Show, Plazmo Contemporary 
  • 2013 “Chalk It Up” Featured Artist, Artpace, SA
  • 2013 “Art To The Power of Ten” Mc Nay Museum, SA
  • 2013 “LA/SA” Group show, Gravelmouth Gallery, SA
  • 2012 “Mestizo City” w/Kell Munoz Architecture, Design District, Miami, FL
  • 2011 “Mapa De Los Muertos” Art coordinator, Red Bull North America
  • 2011 “Shexas” solo exhibit Stella Haus, SA
  • 2010 “Business Casual” solo exhibit, Trouser House, NOLA 
  • 2010 “Promises Of Independance And Revolution”, Mexic Arte Museum, Austin
  • 2010 Slanguage Window Works, Slanguage Gallery, Willmington CA
  • 2010 “Consensus Of Taste” YLA15 Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin
  • 2009 “Bling Bling Fling” , Artpace,SA
  • 2009 “Greetings From Manana Land”, Flight Gallery, SA
  • 2009 “Actin’ Heart” solo exhibit, S.M.A.R.T Project Space, SA
  • 2009 “Everything Is Going To Be Ok“, Brownsville Heritage Complex, Brownsville
  • 2009 “The DuChampions Of Art” group show, Lone Star Studios, SA
  • 2008 “Make Tacos Not War” group show, FL!GHT Gallery, SA
  • 2008 “Smoke And Mirrors” collaboration with Alex Rubio, Unit B Gallery, SA
  • 2008 “Chalk It Up” Showcase Artist, Artpace, SA 
  • 2008 “13th Annual Young Latino Artists, group show, MexicArte Museum, Austin
  • 2008 “Blue Star/Red Dot” featured artist, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, SA
  • 2007 “El Carretón” collaboration with Alex Rubio, Artpace, SA
  • 2007 “The Road to Nowhere Is Infinite” group show, FL!GHT Gallery, SA 
  • 2006  “Gallery Bound” Education program Instructor, Lone Star Studios, SA
  • 2006 “Representamos” group show, EnviroMedia, Austin
  • 2006 “Arts & Eats” featured artist, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, SA
  • 2006 “Urban Party” featured artist, Artist Foundation of San Antonio, SA
  • 2006 “Street Altar of Hope” collaboration with Laura Varela & Betty Bastidas, UTSA , SA
  • 2006 “Blue Star/Red Dot” featured artist, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, SA
  • 2006 “Vega” solo exhibit, ONE9ZERO6 Gallery, SA
  • 2006 Vice Magazine group show, Blue Genie Gallery, Austin
  • 2005 “Permission Walls: Official CAM Closing Party” group show, Sunset Station, SA
  • 2004 “My Adidas: Official CAM Closing Party with DJ Spooky”, Kress Building, SA
  • 2003 Mad Media Manifesto, Big Tex Mills (Blue Star), SA
  • 2003 “Scion Tour Opening” Santa Monica, CA
  • 2003 “Sprite Remix Tour” W/ Toyota Scion, Dallas, Houston, TX
  • 2001 “Pepsi si Campaign” featured artist (commercial/adds/Mural) SA
  • 2001 Clogged Caps annual graffiti showcase, co founder, SA


  • 2018 – Present: Founder and President of the San Antonio Street Art Initiative 501C3
  • 2014 – Present: Owner and member of mural duo, “Los Otros Murals” with Nik Soupe. Over 65 murals.
  • 2010 – Present: Owner & Curator at Gravelmouth Art Gallery


  • 2017-2019 New Era Hispanic Heritage Los Otros
  • 2018-2019 Official San Antonio Spurs/Los Otros clothing line
  • 2016, 2017, San Antonio Spurs Playoff campaign
  • 2018, 2019, San Antonio Spurs Regular season 
  • 2019 Fiesta San Antonio official design


  • 2017 “Best Street Artist” San Antonio Magazine
  • 2014 “Future Club Leader” Latino Leaders Magazine
  • 2014 “Best Mural” SA Current Best of Award
  • 2013, 2014, Best Graffiti Artist “2nd, 3rd, ” SA Current Best Of Award
  • 2010 through 2014, Gravelmouth Gallery, Top art galleries in SA, SA Current Best Of


  • Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Learfield, New Era, Frost Bank, Mexic-Arte Museum, Galvanize Austin, Archrival Agency, Dawson8a, Google Fiber, H-E-B, Lone Star Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, GLI Distribution, Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP, Paramour, Live Nation, Red Bull North America, Mala Luna Music Festival, Munoz-co Architects, Vista Host, NRP Group, Pepsi Si, City Of San Antonio District 1, Child Advocates San Antonio, Fiesta San Antonio, Centro San Antonio, San Antonio International Airport, Texas Fashion Industry Initiative, Western Governors University, Chef Johnny Hernandez, Strait Swim, Culture Map, Pizza Patron.


  • Joe Diaz
  • Henry Munoz
  • Steve Trevino
  • AT&TCenter
  • Mexic-Arte Museum of Art, Austin


Shek Vega is a 20 year veteran of the street art scene, with his beginnings seeded in graffiti art. As the years progressed he soon became interested in fine art and began molding his style to become a hybrid of the two. Today, he is well known and sought after for his signature filigree and owns three celebrated companies that pioneer street and mural art as well as artist advocacy. To date, he has aided in the creation of over a hundred pieces of public art and has raised over 40K for non-profits, charities and art organizations.

His personal art is grounded in humor and pop culture, usually depicting a commentary on his chicano roots or the zeitgeist of the moment. Known for its clean lines and brilliant use of color, Shek Vega has become one of Texas’ most sought after muralists and artists gaining him elite clientele and collectors from around the world. 





David "Shek" Vega


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